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Thyroid Replacement Therapy

Melatonin the Ultimate Antioxidant

How to Prescribe Anti-Aging Medicine

What Causes Aging 

Testosterone Hormone 

Preview of this lecture from the 2009 A4M Anti-Aging Conference General Session in Las Vegas. Visit www.worldhealth.net to learn more about the A4M.

​Introduction to the basics of hormone replacement therapy, as it relates to reducing inflammation in the body , dealing with health and wellness.

How to Prescribe Anti-Aging Medicine

Ronald Rothenberg, MD speaks about Thyroid Replacement Therapy at the 16th annual A4M conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. More: Explore the basic pathophysiology of thyroid Hormones and signs and symptoms of disease. Review thyroid testing and the misconceptions and changing strategies in the management of thyroid disease, as well as options for thyroid treatment.

Dr. Ron Rothenberg interview. Speaks on the myth of testosterone causing prostate cancer. Estrodial dominance in men. Balance of Estrogen can improve quality of life for men and women. Treating Telomeres for cellular longevity.

Hormone Myths vs. Medical Evidence 

The Basics of BHRT

A Successful Anti-aging Program

Reveals the scientific medical literature on the benefits and safety of hormone replacement therapies. Reviews the physiology of adult stem cells and presents data documenting the relationship of lifestyle and hormones Endothelial Progenitor Cells, stimulation of which may produce a number of health benefits.

Introduction to Adult Hormone Deficiency

​​We have a pandemic of Vitamin D.  Vitamin D it’s a hormone, how to test for it and the various forms of Vit D. Understanding how to calculate Vit Levels. Studies are showing Vit D can cut risk of cancers in half. How to best supplement this very important vitamin.

Interveiw WIth Ron Rothenberg discussing what causes aging. 

De-bunking the Myths

Dr. Rothenberg speaks on the importance of melatonin, it maybe just be the ultimate antioxidant, best at fighting free radicals, provides us protection from many mutations and illness.

The Importance of Vitamin D

Preview of this lecture from the 2009 A4M Anti-Aging Conference General Session in Las Vegas. Visit www.worldhealth.net to learn more about the A4M

Educational Videos

Feel your best with Bio Identical Hormones. Improve quality and Longevity.

Hormone Myths and How to Grow Your Own Stem Cells 

Dr. Ronald Klatz talks with author Ron Rothenberg, M.D. about his new book 'Forever Ageless'. Dr. Rothenberg shares his Top 3 list of things to do to start a successful anti-aging program.

Enjoy this preview lecture from the 2011 A4M Anti-Aging conference in Las Vegas. Visit WorldHealth.net and A4M.com to learn more about Anti-Aging and the A4M.

Hypothyroidism and Thyroid Optimization 

Intro to BHRT Conference

Hypothyroidism and Thyroid Optimization lecture with Dr Rothenberg