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How is Preventive / Regenerative Medicine different from geriatrics?

Preventive / Regenerative Medicine is actually the opposite of geriatrics. While geriatrics tries to make the diseases and losses of aging more tolerable by treating the symptoms, Preventive / Regenerative Medicine seeks to prevent, reverse and manage the process of aging by replacing and balancing your natural hormones

Are all physicians and allied health practitioners qualified to practice Preventive / Regenerative Medicine?

We believe you deserve health professionals who are dedicated to Preventive / Regenerative Medicine; who exclusively practice this specialty and are on the cutting edge of treatment and research. We believe you deserve health professionals that have been recognized for their expertise in this rapidly advancing field by board examination and certification. The Physicians and Nurse Practitioners at CHI are certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Is this ‘alternative medicine’?

The health professionals at CHI integrate the most effective therapies from traditional, eastern and holistic medicine. We present our patients with the best of both worlds. While taking advantage of the latest data and innovations we insist on cautious and responsible practices that are backed up by published data.

Why should I begin my Preventive / Regenerative Medicine program today? Why not wait for the advances that will come in future years?

There will be dramatic gains in our knowledge of this field over the next decade. Our goal is to manage and control aging as much as possible right now so you will be able to benefit from the new advances with the best possible functioning mind and body today.

Can’t I plan my own Preventive / Regenerative Medicine program by following a good diet, exercising, taking vitamins and reading articles?

To be most optimized you need your program to be supervised by a health professional who can prescribe the most effective diet plan, exercise regime, supplements and prescription medicines that have documented effects in slowing the process of aging.

What is difference between synthetic and bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT)?

Bio-identical hormones (BHRT) have a structure that is exactly the same as you find in the hormones secreted by the human body.  Synthetic or modified hormones have a different structure than the human body that can cause excessive, unstable or incomplete actions and effects.

Here’s what the BHRT (natural) Progesterone hormone looks like:

Here’s what the Progestin (synthetic progesterone) looks like:

You can probably count 5 or 6 differences.  Is that important? Look closely at the two molecules below. Again, there are 5 or 6 differences between the two structures. Not much difference?

Estradiol (an estrogen) in predominant amounts tells your body it is female and Testosterone in high levels tells your body it is male. If the little differences in molecular structure are enough to tell your body you are male or female, then how will your body react to a synthetic structure?


Is hormone replacement therapy in women safe?

The Women’s Health Initiative study show that traditional HRT with Premarin (made from pregnant mare’s urine) and Provera (chemically synthesized artificial progesterone) is not safe. BHRT, with natural Estrogens and Progesterone, is safe and does not have the adverse side effects of Premarin and Provera. Provera can increase the rate of breast cancer but natural Progesterone does not. BHRT has been used in Europe for 60 years without increased risk of breast cancer or cardiovascular events. In addition, there is typically weight loss, improved well-being and quality of life.

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What are the side effects associated with BHRT?

Because bio-identical hormones have the same molecular structure as the hormones made by your body, there are relatively few side effects. The few that may occur are due to the initial dose being too high or too low for you. At CHI, we monitor and evaluate each patient for balance and proper dosing.

If BHRT is better and safer than why can’t I get them at my pharmacy?

Pharmaceutical companies develop drugs that are structurally different from what is made in the human body because they can be patented. Bio-identical hormones cannot be patented thus there is no monetary incentive for the pharmaceutical companies to develop or research them. When the FDA tests a new drug, it is evaluated solely on its own merits. It is never tested against a natural counterpart.

Why can I take a pill for everything?

Not every hormone is best-suited to be swallowed as they are destroyed by the acids in the stomach. Topical creams are quickly absorbed, safer and for most, more effective in relieving symptoms. Estradiol, one of the predominant estrogens, can increase inflammation and clotting risk as well as raising the CRP in the oral form but not in a transdermal (skin) cream.

What about women and testosterone? Isn’t that a male hormone?

Testosterone is the third female hormone. Women need lower doses than men. Restoring testosterone in women increases motivation, libido, muscle strength, bone density and well-being.

How long will I be on BHRT?

As long as you want to feel, look and be at your healthiest lifestyle. It is important to remember that if BHRT is stopped, the levels will quickly revert to their pre-treatment state and may catapult you into a state of accelerated aging.

Can’t I get all this from my Primary Care Physician (PCP)? There’s a new MD in my area who says they do anti-aging medicine, too.

CHI is a specialty practice. Our Physicians and Nurse Practitioners are certified in Preventive/Regenerative and Functional medicine, have decades of experience in BHRT and Regenerative Medicine, have been published in our field, and are national and international speakers in demand. 

Where do I get my hormone medications, nutraceuticals and supplements?

We offer many of our recommended supplements at CHI at our cost. Those we cannot supply, are called in to a compounding pharmacy and are shipped directly to you.

How do I get started?

Call our office 800.943.3331. We require baseline blood tests prior to making the first appointment.

You can choose any lab. If you choose to bill through our office, with our contracted labs then you can submit it to your insurance company or Health Savings account. Once you have completed your lab tests, call or email the office and we will schedule your appointment 10-14 days later. A health questionnaire will be mailed to you. Please return the completed packet prior to your first appointment.

What will my first appointment be like?

The initial appointment is 1 ½ hours with the Physician or Nurse Practitioner. It consists of a lab interpretation, physical, detailed history and goals. There is another hour to cover how and when to take your hormones, supplements and nutriceuticals as well as any billing questions. If you choose to see our nutritionist, this is an additional hour. We can schedule this over several days or in a 4 hour morning or afternoon visit.

When you leave, you will have a Patient Journal binder. It contains definitions, references, a copy of your lab results, a list of your medications, supplements and nutraceuticals, fitness recommendations, nutritional consult & body fat analysis (if you chose this evaluation), copies of your financial and legal forms and personal contact phone numbers and email addresses for your CHI provider(s).

How much does it cost?

We have different programs available, so please contact the office for more information.  Consultation, History & Physical for your initial appointment. Should you choose to become a patient there is a monthly management fee. Supplements & prescriptions are not include in our monthly fees. 

What is the management fee?

The management fee covers email and phone consultations in addition to access to pharmacy, supplement and nutraceutical refills. The cost of these medications and supplements are in addition to these fees. Think of it as an all access rock star pass/membership..

Does my insurance or Medicare cover this?

Keep in mind that your HMO, PPO or Medicare is disease insurance, not disease-prevention insurance. CHI is not insurance based, however, we will provide you with an invoice that you can submit to your provider. Any costs that are covered will be determined between you and your insurance provider.

Do you offer second opinions?

Yes, we can do a consultation. If you choose to become a CHI patient and receive prescriptions, then you will also need to have a full history and physical done with us.